At Fairborn Vision Center we accept most major medical insurances. We only participate with one vision insurance, VSP/Vision Service Plan. If you have any questions about which insurance plans we accept we always have a friendly staff member that is willing to assist. If we don’t participate in your vision insurance, you still may be eligible for an eye exam under your medical insurance.

Important Instructions

  • VSP only covers comprehensive exams, and usually carry an allowance that can go towards glasses or contacts.
  • VSP does not include coverage of medical eye care. A medical insurance must be billed if you have been diagnosed with an eye health problem (i.e. cararacts or macular degeneration) or if you have an existing health condition that has possible ocular complications (i.e. diabetes)
  • If you have VSP and a medical insurance we may be required to bill the exam medically and then bill the glasses or contacts through VSP. We refer to this process as the coordination of benefits. The purpose of this process is to lessen your out-of-pocket cost.