Planning an Appointment

Step 1


TheĀ first step on the road to better vision is to schedule your first appointment. Contact our appointment scheduling line today to plan a visit to our facility.

Our scheduling staff will work with you to explain the process – and eliminate the guesswork – while providing availability that works with your busy schedule.

Step 2

Patient Registration

Once you have a scheduled appointment, you can begin our patient registration process. You can do this at your appointment by showing up 15 minutes early or you can submit it digitally by using our online registration form. You will also need to bring an insurance information, which you can view our complete list of carried providers here. If you have any questions, please also feel free to call or email our office anytime.

Step 3


On the day of your appointment, our staff will first gather your vitals, personal data (such as height, weight, and age), any baseline optical prescriptions you currently possess, as well as perform various initial eye tests. This step will assist in providing the doctor with thorough overview, along with your patient registration details, and facilitate your exam.

Step 4

Doctor Exam

With your pre-screening complete, all that remains is to meet with your doctor. Our highly qualified O.D. providers will thoroughly evaluate your vision – as well as identify any potential risk factors – to implement the best solution for you. Throughout the process, your doctor will be there to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Step 5

Contact/Glasses Fitting

With your exam complete, our staff will evaluate the diagnosis from our O.D. providers. With your prescription, we will be able to deliver a personalized fit – from contact lenses, to stylized brand-name frames. Our fittings will make sure to fit your eye care needs and match your style, all to ensure your quality of service.

Step 6


With your initial visit concluded, all of our clients will be notified via a letter to begin scheduling follow-up appointments as needed. As part of our effort to improve the overall quality of vision services, we maintain records on-site to monitor your visual wellness – and any developing symptoms – to ensure your satisfaction.